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Stand up paddling

Stand up paddling in Karimunjawa offers a truly unique experience. Glide over the tranquil sea and watch the vibrant marine life swim beneath you. Stand up paddling allows you to explore hidden gems that can only be accessed via the ocean. With your board you can come close to the mangroves and explore untouched beaches. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, stand-up paddling is accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You can rent a stand up paddling board at Yoga retreat centre Alam Kita. When: Every day. By reservation only. Please ask us first and we will check the availability with Alam Kita. Price:IDR 150.000 / 1 hour

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Fishmarket Alun-Alun

Located in the heart of Karimunjawa Island, the Alun-Alun square transforms at night into a fish market. Alun-Alun has become a culinary delight for locals and tourists. Offering freshly caught seafood that satisfies every seafood lover’s cravings. From grilled fish, squid, shrimps to lobster you can find all kinds of seafood and request your preferred way of cooking. Not a fish lover? No worries there are also enough other options like noodles, cap cay, bakso, chicken satay and more. You can also find grilled coconut, fresh juices and other delicious food & drinks at the fish market. Next to the fish market the local salesmen also sell souvenirs from Karimunjawa such as clothes and original snacks. Open:Everyday from 18.00 – 22.00 Price:The price is depending on your choices

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Bobby Beach

Bobby Beach is a paradise for nature lovers with such a serene environment. This beach is famous because of the pristine white long sand beach. There are several nice swings where you can take great pictures. Additionally, there is a warung where you can order drinks & snacks. This is the best beach to watch the sunrise in Karimunjawa. Put your alarm at 04.30 and drive to this beach! Or rent a camping tent and sleep at this beach. From your tent you can enjoy many stars at night! Open:Every day Entrance fee:IDR 10.000 / person

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Bukit Love

Bukit Love, a picture spot located on the hill and surrounded by nature, holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. With its stunning landscapes and romantic folklore, Bukit Love has become a beloved destination. It is also one of the best spot for taking pictures with a sea view background or a sunset view from the hill. This viewpoint is famous for the picture with the big Karimunjawa sign. There is a cafe as well for drinks & snacks. Open:Every day from 08.00 – 22.00 Entrance fee:IDR 15.000 per person

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Annora Beach & Hill

Annora beach is one of the only beaches in Karimunjawa that has a small hill where you can sit atop and watch the colorful coral reefs and sea. It is also a nice and calm beach that is great for snorkelling. For food there are some warungs on the beach that sell local options. Annora beach is a 20 minutes drive from town. Open:Every day Entrance fee:IDR 10.000 / person

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Trekking Mangrove Park

One of the most popular trails in Karimunjawa is a 2km trek through the Eco-Park Mangrove Forest. As you begin your trek at Mangrove National Park, you’ll find yourself surrounded by tall, dense mangrove trees that create a mesmerizing green canopy overhead. The intertwining roots of the trees create a labyrinthine network that adds to the enchanting atmosphere of the mangrove jungle, and many animal species that lives in the mangrove jungle. Follow the wooden footpath that leads you through the mangrove forest. Halfway there is a tower were you can clim in for an amazing view over the mangroves. Open:Everyday from 08.00 – 18.00 Entrance fee:Foreigner: IDR 150.000Indonesian: IDR 15.000

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Laendra Beach

Located on the northern coast of Karimunjawa Island, Laendra Beach is a hidden gem. It is a very quiet beach. Laendra Beach is also a perfect spot for photographers as it offers endless opportunities to capture stunning shots of the natural beauty here. The changing colors of the sky, silhouettes of palm trees and the reflection of the sun are just some examples. There is a restaurant as well where you can have lunch & drinks. It is about 40 minutes drive from town. Open:Every day Entrance fee:IDR 10.000/person

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Yoga offers a wide range of physical, mental and emotional benefits, making it a popular and healing practice for people of all ages and fitness levels. At yoga & retreat centre Alam Kita they often offer yoga lessons. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience you are welcome to join the lesson. Regular yoga practice can improve flexibility, strength, balance, and posture. It also aids in stress reduction, body awareness and concentration. At Alam Kita you can explore the magic of practicing yoga near the ocean. Open:If you are interested in doing a yoga lesson, please contact us. We will put you in contact with Alam Kita. Price:There are group lessons every week, but if you would like a private lesson we are happy to arrange. Contact us for the prices.

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Joko Tuo

Bukit Joko Tuo offers amazing panoramic views over the town of Karimunjawa. From here you can also see some of the other islands. The place is built very creatively. You can take many unique pictures with statues of fish, sharks and many more. It is also an amazing place to watch the sunset. There is a cafe where you can buy drinks and snacks. When: Everyday from 08.00 – 23.00 Entrance fee:IDR 15.000/person

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Stargazing in Karimunjawa can be an incredible experience due to its remote location, limited light pollution, and clear night skies. At Deepsky they have all the professional equipment to watch the stars with their telescopes. They also organize workshops. When: The best time for stargazing is during the dry season, which typically runs from April to October. During this period, the skies are generally clearer, providing better visibility of stars and constellations. Besides that you also need to check the moon phase. A darker sky will allow you to see more stars and faint objects like the Milky Way. Weather conditions can also impact stargazing. Price: If you are interested in stargazing please let us know and we will put you in contact with Deepsky.

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