Boat from Karimunjawa to Jepara

There are two different boats, a ferry and a fast boat. The ferry takes around 5 hours and the fast boat takes around 2.5 hours. Below you will find all the schedules. For the fast boat you can buy boat tickets in advance. For the slow boat you can only buy the tickets on the day of departure directly in the harbour.

Fast boat

Fast boat Karimunjawa – Jepara

Wednesday – 11.00
Thursday – 12.00
Sunday – 11.00

This is the current boat schedule. The boat schedule may change per month. Depending on the high or low season, there may be more or fewer boats. In general the boat company publishes the boat schedule and sells the boat tickets at the end of the previous month.

Price (one way)

Buy in the harbor on the day of departure:
Infants (0 – 2 years old) – IDR 22.000 (one way)
Children & adults – IDR 200.000 (oneway)

Buy in advance:
Infants (0 – 2 years old) – IDR 60.000 (one way)
Children & adults – IDR 255.000 (one way)

Slow boat

Slow boat Karimunjawa – Jepara
Tuesday – 07.00
Thursday – 07.00
Friday – 13.30
Sunday – 09.00

Price (one way)

Buy in the harbor on the day of departure: IDR 105.000.

It is not possible to buy boat tickets for the ferry in advance. You can buy the tickets directly in the harbor on the day of departure. We advise you to arrive in the harbour early as tickets can be sold out fast.

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