The Happinezz Hills Cooking book

The regional government that includes Karimunjawa has decided that due to Covid-19, the island of Karimunjawa in Indonesia will remain closed to tourism until at least September 30. A big disappointment for an island that is largely dependent on tourism and has a season from March to December.
As owners of The Happinezz Hills we are happy that we can provide our employees with a part-time job with daily cleaning & maintenance of the hotel aswell as organizing various local activities. We were able to supplement the part-time salary thanks to the success of the virtual holiday that we offered in March / April. We also participate in the Gotong Royong initiative on behalf of accommodations and restaurants in Karimunjawa that jointly distribute food packages to locals.
If it were not necessary, we would not ask for help, but for our employees the period until the end of September is still too long to bridge financially. It is not only about our employees, but also their partners and children who work in tourism who are also at home at the moment and don’t get any income. Many local businesses in Karimunjawa are no longer able to pay any salary, which means that some families are already struggling to buy basic daily necessities such as food and hygiene products.

That is why (partly on the recommendation of a number of bookers of our virtual hotel) we have now created a digital cooking book together with our staff with 12 tasty dishes from Karimunjawa including bakso sapi, ikan bakar, nasi goreng, cumi cumi asam manis, martabak and bakwan. So if you miss these delicious flavors from the Indonesian kitchen, take your kitchen cookware out of the cupboard now and start cooking yourself! The cookbook is written in English.

We offer this book for € 10, but of course a voluntary extra donation is also very welcome. The income from the sale of this digital cooking book goes entirely to the employees and their families.

Order the book directly below and send us a photo via Facebook or Instagram if you have made one of the dishes!


After your ordered the book, please follow the instructions under step 2 for payment.


Please do not forget to place the order first, so that we know to which e-mail address we can send the digital cooking book!

You can make the payment following the same link as the virtual holiday:

Dutch bank account: 
If you have a Dutch bank account you can also follow this payment link (Tikkie):

If you can’t pay with Paypal send us a message and we will help you to find another way how to make the payment.  

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