Tours Karimunjawa – The Happinezz Hills

Eco-friendly tours

Get on the boat and explore the beautiful islands with white beaches. Go snorkelling and look for Nemo, colorful fish & sea turtles. Or go diving and discover all the beautiful coral and even a shipwreck. Prefer something active? Do our hiking tour. On the top of the mountain you will be spoiled with a beautiful view over the many islands.

We try our best to make our tours as eco-friendly as possible so our activities have minimal impact on the ecosystem. Our snorkelling & diving guides for example, educate our guests about how to snorkel responsibly to avoid damaging the coral reefs. Additionally, our guides often organize beach clean-up activities while waiting at the beach until lunch is prepared. During our hiking tour you have the opportunity to plant a tree with your guide. Our guides emphasize maintaining a safe distance from marine life and refrain from touching or disturbing any creatures in their natural habitat. During our tours we avoid single use plastic. 

By choosing our eco-friendly tours, you can enjoy the beauty of Karimunjawa’s marine life while knowing that you are contributing to the preservation of this precious ecosystem for future generations to enjoy. Do you like to get more suggestions what you can do in Karimunjawa? Explore other activities in Karimunjawa that you can do by yourself. Click here for more information.

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