Scooter rental

Type of scooter

Normal scooter (110 cc), N-MAX scooter (155cc)

Pick up & drop off

You can pick up the scooter at The Happinezz Hills. On request we can bring or pick up the scooter to/from another location for you.


  • Map of the island Karimunjawa 

A helmet in Karimunjawa is not necessary, but for your own safety we recommend this. A helmet can be requested free of charge.


  • Fuel (Rp. ±12.000 per 1L)

The Happinezz Hills provides the scooter with approximately  1 liter of fuel. You must bring the scooter back with approximately 1 liter of fuel as well. You can buy the fuel in many places on Karimunjawa (the large Coca-Cola and Sprite bottles in the small shops along the road) or at the gas station close to the harbour.


You have to pay for the scooter when you come to pick it up.

Drive at your own risk

You need to have a driver’s license to drive a scooter. Some insurance companies require an international driving license. Driving the scooter is at your own risk. 

Cost for repairing flat tires and damage caused during usage have to be paid by the driver of the scooter. The costs are depending on the damage of the scooter. The Happinezz Hills will inform you about the costs of repair.

You have to return the key of the scooter back to the staff at The Happinezz Hills personally, when the rental agreement is finished. 


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