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Camping on the beach

Camping on the beach in Karimunjawa island is one of those dreamy island adventures that promises a memorable and unique experience. You can go camping on one of the beaches on the main island, ex. Bobby Beach, but you can also take the boat and go camping on one of the other islands. Big chance you will sleep alone on that island so hopefully you like some adventure! If you would prefer a guide joins you, that is also possible.

Set up your tent before the sunset so you can enjoy the magical sunset. Create a bonfire, lay in the sand and watch all the stars in the sky. In the morning you will wake up from the sound of the waves. If you wake up early you can enjoy the sunrise as well!

Every day

We can help you to rent a tent and if needed a boat to bring you to one of the other islands. Please ask us for more information and prices.

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