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Fishmarket Alun-Alun

Located in the heart of Karimunjawa Island, the Alun-Alun square transforms at night into a fish market. Alun-Alun has become a culinary delight for locals and tourists. Offering freshly caught seafood that satisfies every seafood lover’s cravings. From grilled fish, squid, shrimps to lobster you can find all kinds of seafood and request your preferred way of cooking. Not a fish lover? No worries there are also enough other options like noodles, cap cay, bakso, chicken satay and more. You can also find grilled coconut, fresh juices and other delicious food & drinks at the fish market. Next to the fish market the local salesmen also sell souvenirs from Karimunjawa such as clothes and original snacks.

Everyday from 18.00 – 22.00

The price is depending on your choices

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