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Glowing plankton

Witness nature’s nighttime spectacle of glowing plankton. As the sun sets and darkness blankets the shore, the magic begins. The bioluminescent plankton, tiny organisms that emit a mesmerizing glow, create a breathtaking display in the water, transforming the beach into a starlit wonderland. Be amazed as every movement in the water leaves a trail of shimmering light, reminiscent of a sky full of twinkling stars.

To watch these natural hidden gems you can go by scooter to one of the beaches at night. If you prefer a guide joins you, please let us know. Glowing plankton is a natural miracle so of course we can’t guarantee you will see them as it is also depent on many conditions.

Glowing plankton you can only be seen on moonless nights when the surrounding area is free from artificial lights. Please ask us when is the right time and which beach you should go to.

There are no costs to watch glowing plankton. If you want a guide to join, please let us know!

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