The Golden Ricefields – The Happinezz Hills

The Golden Ricefields is a new photo spot in Karimunjawa. It is an unique place where you can walk through the ricefields and take pictures for your social media. The sunset from here is amazing! This tourism spot has been realized in collaboration with the local community. It aims to develop more tourism in this area of Karimunjawa and provide employment opportunities.

It also has a restaurant. Most of the ingredients used in the restaurant are purchased from the local shops. The entrance fee and a part of the restaurant income benefits the rice farmers and the local community. This will also be used for sponsoring local activities, educational trainings for locals and other activities that benefit the future of Karimunjawa and its inhabitants. During harvest or planting the new rice plants there are sometimes workshops that you can join to learn more about rice farming.

Friday – Wednesday 10.00 – 18.00*
* The Golden Ricefields is closed at the moment

Entrance fee:
Idr 10.000 / person
The entrance fee benefits the rice farmers and local community


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