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In the past years we have been working very hard and in June 2019 we opened our hotel The Happinezz Hills in Karimunjawa, Indonesia. Unfortunately, like most of you, we are now dealing with the Corona outbreak and the Indonesian government decided to close Karimunjawa for both Western and Indonesian tourists until further notice. Because of this our hotel is empty and all future reservations for the next weeks have been cancelled. A huge disappointment for us, but also for our staff!

The locals in Karimunjawa depend on tourism. The local people don’t need their income for holidays or luxury purchases, but to pay for their basic needs like food and personal hygiene. However, there is no social system here, which means that all our employees are currently at home without income and without savings. We, the owners of the hotel, would love to support our staff in these times, but as starting entrepreneurs, we are not able to continue to pay the salaries when there’s no money coming in.

That is why we and our team came up with something unique… We are proud to offer you a virtual stay in our hotel The Happinezz Hills on the beautiful island of Karimunjawa, Indonesia! During your virtual holiday we will provide you 15 videos in our hotel and we will show you the highlights of the island. We will make video in which you for example will enjoy a beautiful sunset, we will teach you how to make our best cocktail, our chefs will let you taste from our kitchen by cooking a typical Indonesian dish for you, we’ll teach you some basic words of the Indonesian language and so much more!

Do you want to escape your living room and dream of beautiful Indonesia? Book your virtual holiday now! Feel free to donate whatever you feel this experience is worth. 100% of the income of this Virtual Hotel is given to the staff and their families.  A tropical holiday has never been cheaper! More important: booking a virtual room with us helps you to get through this Corona period, but you will also help our employees to get through these months. All donations from this promotion is 100% for the employees. See the two steps below to make the virtual booking and to do the payment.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon! Wishing you all the best and to get through this time in good health!


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Follow the instructions in the link below:

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