The Happinezz Hills

The Happinezz Hills

Hotel & Restaurant Karimunjawa

Welcome to our hotel and restaurant, where we believe in offering our guests an experience that goes far beyond just a stay. Our personalized service, unique design & ambiance, culinary excellence, engaging activities, thoughtful amenities, community engagement and cultural exchanges will offer you a truly memorable stay.

The Happinezz Hills is a small idyllic hotel located on a picturesque hill. Surrounded by nature the hotel offers stunning ocean and sunset views. Our cozy hotel has 12 double rooms, 4 twin rooms, 1 bungalow and 1 villa. Each themed room is thoughtfully decorated with elements and colors inspired by the nature of Karimunjawa (ocean, beach, nature or sunset). 

 The rooms have all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay. Relax by our swimming pool with a pool bar, where you can watch the beautiful sunset and order a variety of fresh drinks and delicious meals from the restaurant. We serve Asian and Western style cuisine for both lunch and dinner. Stay connected with free WI-FI available throughout the hotel.

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The Happinezz Hills


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Karimunjawa has a lot to offer. From beautiful beaches to stunning viewpoints, rice fields, and gorgeous natural scenery. We organize tours like snorkeling & island hopping, diving, or hiking, but there is still so much more to explore by car or scooter on your own. We’ve highlighted all our tips for you!

Due to high demand, we now offer holiday trips under the name Travel with Happinezz to beautiful destinations in Indonesia, based on our own travel experiences and partnerships with professionals. Visit the magical Borobudur temple, learn about the history in cities like Jakarta or Bandung, take a jungle trek, relax on pearl white beaches, climb volcanoes, visit traditional villages, get to know the locals or hop on a sailing boat in search of the Komodo dragon. We’d love to organize it for you!

Sustainability for the future of Karimunjawa

We make sustainability a top priority. Additionally, we have set up our own foundation that is committed to education in Karimunjawa.
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